Background of Jazz Music

Jazz is another genre of music that originated from America and that is a mixture of African and American traditional music. Try to listen to this kind of music and there is a great difference from the music of today.

Jazz music is unique kind of music a little bit similar with blues music. Blues music originated in America and this is one of the most famous music in today’s time. This kind of music emerged around late 19th century when music was taking its root. Around those time, other genre of music like blues were already uprising in America. This is why there is a similarity of blues music and jazz music.

Try to listen to this music and you can hear what Jazz sounds like. Jazz is very famous as a solemn music in Africa compared to the modern music that they have now since African modern music is a little bit bombastic and also fast like rap songs.

Jazz music has spread all over the world but it was mixed with other genre of music such as rock plus jazz and this may sound a little dramatic. Jazz music are used anywhere in any occasion especially for sorrowful occasions.  It is often used for solemn places and instrumental jazz are the most common songs from Jazz sound.

Many people love this music because it is good to hear. Many religious songs uses the sound of Jazz in order to create or compose a heartbreaking melody and melody that touches the heart.