Early Best Jazz Men

Jazz men emerged around the time when Jazz was booming during the 20th century. Right this moment, Jazz music is being ignored but many musicians still admire these Jazz men who contributed to the history of music genre in earlier days of music, such as:

Mary Lou Williams

MARY LOU WILLIAMS. Mary was a bright singer of Jazz music and she started her career when she was still a teen. She loved songs so much that she came to become an advocate of Jazz music. She was praised when she was still a little for having a great singing talent. She was born in 1910.


THELONIOUS MONK. He is a great artist particularly he boomed as a Jazz performer. When he became adult, he focused on joining music programs and performed Jazz sound with his amazing musical instrument that he always carried on. He was born in 1917.

Nat King Cole

NAT KING COLE. Nat King Cole is one of the earliest Jazz man who made effort to compose Jazz instrumentals and performed on stage when starting 1940’s. He had a majestic voice and in those days, his voice was one of the most adorable ones. He was born in 1919.

Charles Mingus

CHARLES MINGUS. When Charles was still a teen, he dedicated his life to learn musical instruments and since Jazz was in his culture, he therefore grabbed the opportunity to become the best Jazz musician on earth. Although Jazz is fading, his name is remembered in his culture and race. He was born in 1922.


JOHN COLTRANE. He is perfect and honestly the most amazing performer of Jazz. He gave an example of real Jazz music that makes the heart of music learners pound so fast. Until his death, he performed this kind of music. He was born in 1926.