Jazz Music must Live!

Since Jazz music originated from Africa, there are so many Africans in the early days who made this music become the most adorable music ever than any other genre of music. However, with the coming of the new generations, Jazz music lost its place but Jazz music still prevailed in its root, Africa. Africans use Jazz as their daily music and still doing their best to revive this music at least within their boundary. There are so many people whose heart focuses on R and B, Rock and Pop songs but there are also some who like Jazz music.

At least Jazz music should not disappear because this is  one of the best music genre ever produced in history. No matter what happens, this music shall be credited because it was also mixed with different culture and race. Thanks to Africans and other musicians, they have recorded Jazz music of African Jazz people so we could hear what it is like even to this very day. If it is possible, there should be more and more Jazz music that will be produced in order to preserve the culture of the native Americans and Africans who became the great examples of loving Jazz music.

Some still are not acquainted to it because of the dominance of rock music. However, there is still a way to make this music survive by mixing it with other genre of music. It is also possible that a pioneering band may perform Jazz music to let other people know about the goodness of this music and that it can also become a dominant kind of music.